Friday, 2 October 2015

[phokes 113] Möbius ‎– Tempus Fugit

Möbius ‎– Tempus Fugit
Label: Phonocake ‎– phokes113
Format: 10 × File, FLAC, MP3, ogg-vorbis, Album, Stereo
Country: Germany
Released: 24 Jul 2015
Genre: Electronic
Style:  IDM, Breakbeat, Dub
 Artwork By – Möbius, Parmon, Trans Alp
All tracks produced & mastered by Möbius.

Sharing a period of time, parallel universes on a large scale, connected by light and star dust.
"Tempus Fugit" (lat.: "Time flies") is about the transience and solitude of existence. It is the fourth album by Möbius, which includes 10 tracks created between 2012 and 2014 combining styles like ambient, electronica, electro, dnb, dub and breakbeat with classic and psychedelic elements.

1     Emptiness     8:52
2     Mary     9:01
3     Winter Breeze     6:46
4     Solar Particle Stream     9:30
5     Moss Stone     6:57
6     Anticyclic Permutation     8:04
7     Sands Of Time     8:21
8     Time Lapse     4:27
9     Catharsis     4:48
10     Spacetime Curavture     6:18

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Last Japan - Ride With Us

Last Japan - Ride With Us
Label: Circadian Rhythms
Format: Cassette, Digital
Country: UK
Released: 07 Jul 2014
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Style: Instrumental, Bass Music, Grime, Dubstep, Hip Hop

1. Ride With Us feat. Trim 03:27
2. Unknown feat. Trusta 05:24
3. 4 What It's Worth... 03:36
4. M.Y.S.T 03:58
5. Crystal Tokyo 03:52
6. Don't Forget Me feat. Treble Clef 03:40
7. Untitled #3 04:00
8. Golden Eye 03:05
9. Worlds Apart feat. Mr. Mitch 04:07
10. Eclipse feat. Emma DD 02:52
11. Harca feat. Prince Rapid 04:15
12. Alpha Logic feat. Cliques 04:36

ALBUM OF THE MONTH' 9/10 - Mixmag

Ride with us takes the listener on a musical journey through the dark fringes of London city. The deep subs and sonic layers create a sinister representation of city life. Mixmag describes first release Harca as a creeper, a sound description of the escalating and intensifying sound that Last Japan builds within these tracks.

A gentle yet eerie melody in Worlds Apart is interrupted by successive, deep jabs of bass and for those who spent their childhood on the N64, the samples in Goldeneye will bring back some militant flashbacks. These works from innovator, Last Japan, demonstrate his clear direction over the last year, showcasing quality production and personal experimentation alongside collaborations from Mr Mitch, Prince Rapid and regular feature, Trim.

Ride with us should be listened to on a deep sub, standing in the dark corner of a London club, equally on headphones riding the last underground or driving through the city, be it London, New York or Tokyo, late at night...these tracks will make you have to look back over your shoulder. With a passion for collecting music, Last Japan is releasing a limited number of self-produced tapes including his own artwork and photography, bringing back the collectable item and highlighting his expression through all art forms.

Ride With Us has already gained the support from Mumdance, Julie Adenuga, Compa, Benji B, B. Traits, Blue Daisy and many more.
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Low Orbit Satellite - Descent

Low Orbit Satellite - Descent
Not On Label (Low Orbit Satellite Self-released)

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

[FSLAB 023] Summer Of Haze - Jessica

Summer Of Haze - Jessica
Label: FUSELab ‎– FSLAB023
Format: 16 × File, WAV, EP, MP3, FLAC, ALAC...
Country: Russia
Released: 08 Sep 2014
Genre: Electronic, Pop
Style: House, Disco, Electro, Synth-pop

1. Autumn ∞ Harvest ∞ Happiness
2. Hey Jessica, I Rolled A Joint
3. Ice Cube
4. Олдовые Найки
5. Sensi Sensi
6. Super Crystal Track
7. Miss Ya
8. Twilight
9. Before I Sleep
10. Celestial
11. 8∆by Kush
12. Weedwave
13. Jessy Is Always Out Of Reach
14. ∆nthem Of Haze
15. Swinging Leaf Marijuana
16. Thx
17. Bandcamp Bonus: Sakura

"This is a dream album by Tambov's ethereal hero Summer Of Haze.
This is Jessica. Jessica is always waiting for you on the beach. With a bong. With a perfect smile. As smooth as you can imagine.
This is weedwave. It's all about Yo and Om together. It's like laughing sadly at the void. It's like just being here without illusive perfection. it's raw, emotional and hopeful. As life is at it's lows, the basics.
This is something just to feel and move ruining the stereotypes and passing all the mind tricks by.
This is the core of Summer Of Haze, the spirit. Yes, it's simple, joyful and outgiving. It's honest."

Comes with bonus items - an unheard disco-driven slow rave tune and two "Jessica" hi-res themes.

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Monday, 29 September 2014

[GEM 018] Various - Gem Drops Four

Various - Gem Drops Four
Label: Dropping Gems ‎– GEM018
Format: Cassette, 21 × File, MP3, FLAC, ALAC..., Compilation
Country: US
Released: 21 Jul 2012
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Style: Instrumental, Downtempo, Experimental, Glitch, Bass Music, Ambient


1. DJAO - Shadow 03:51   
2. Anenon - Actions 03:20   
3. Gouda Hoop - Range Four Harry 04:18
4. Vandetta - Falling 04:43
5. Ghost Feet - Give Me Something 03:38
6. The Range - Rayman 03:34
7. Rap Class - Jenny @ Da Pie Shop 03:00
8. Shawn Don - We Do 02:37
9. Philip Grass - WMN 02:13
10. M. Constant - Funes 04:25
11. Bone Rock - Souler 02:04
12. Swarvy - Creepin 01:56
13. Devonwho - Sunder 02:15
14. Free The Robots - Frownin (Robot Edit) 02:56
15. Pixelord - Mist 02:19
16. Natasha Kmeto - Last Drop 03:22
17. Braxton/Palmer - Krycek 03:56
18. Qloq - Disappear Here 03:24
19. Time Wharp - Duke 6 04:21
20. Marley Carroll - Layer Rush 05:42
21. Big Sigh - If I Could 03:36

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Various ‎– Stussy x Soulection Compilation

Various ‎– Stussy x Soulection Compilation
Label: Soulection ‎– none
Format: 20 × File, FLAC, Compilation
Country: US
Released: 05 Sep 2014
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Style: Instrumental, Experimental
Compiled By – Joe Kay (2)
Design – Andre Power
Executive-Producer – Joe Kay (2)

1     Zikomo     Champion Riddim     4:21
2     IAMNOBODI     When You Know It     2:49
3     GoldLink     Velho (Freestyle)     2:26
Producer – oriJanus
4     Esta*     Luna     2:19
5     Mr. Carmack     Bells     2:37
6     Sam Gellaitry x Connor Pearson     The Seems     2:00
7     Evil Needle     Antidote     4:18
8     10A (2)     The One     4:04
9     Ta-ku     CaseyBanks     4:11
10     Jay Prince (2)     All You    3:24
Featuring – Jordan James (3)
11     Sango (4)     Tell Me     3:29
12     JD. Reid*     On Air     3:47
13     Sivey     Pillow Talk     3:38
14     J-Louis     Perseverance     2:05
15     PYRMDPLAZA     Mantralu     3:26
16     Mikos Da Gawd     Love     4:53
17     Jarreau Vandal     Essence     4:26
18     starRo     Bout You     3:10
19     Leland Aleem Fākir     Momma's Hoopty     3:33
20     AbJo     Three     4:01

This compilation is inspired by our collaboration with one of the most culturally relevant and timeless brands, Stussy.
We've sifted through dozens of tracks to curate the finest selection of progressive music from around the globe to bring visibility to the future sound. Because there is so much talent out there, it was challenging to pull this compilation together to showcase a progression and cohesive flow but we finally feel we've arrived as something very special.
You will see familiar official Soulection artists on this compilation as well some new talent from forward-thinking and ambitious producers, emcees and vocalists that we're excited about and feel have a bright future.
Our partnership with the iconic brand includes a 'Soulection Tribe' limited t-shirt designed by Stussy as well as a physical in-store event and after party at our Sound Of Tomorrow Los Angeles monthly at The Echoplex.
Much love to Neek and the whole Stussy team for making this collaboration a reality.

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Ricardo Donoso ‎– Beginning Of The Shape

Ricardo Donoso ‎– Beginning Of The Shape
Label: Denovali Records ‎– none
Format: 3 × File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps
Country: Germany
Released: Aug 2014
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Ambient
Mastered By [Uncredited] – John Tejeda
Written-By [Uncredited], Producer [Uncredited] – Ricardo Donoso


1     Shape Collateral     7:07
2     The View Of The Overlook (Rendition)     3:14
3     Shape Collateral (Condemned Version)     3:53

Carrying on from his highly acclaimed trilogy on the Digitalis label, “Beginning of the Shape” marks his first release for Denovali. The new EP hints at a new direction for the composer, while more experimental textures are at the forefront his sense of pacing and musical development remains intact – a perfect taste for what’s to come in the months ahead.

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