Thursday, 16 October 2014

Last Japan - Ride With Us

Last Japan - Ride With Us
Label: Circadian Rhythms
Format: Cassette, Digital
Country: UK
Released: 07 Jul 2014
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop
Style: Instrumental, Bass Music, Grime, Dubstep, Hip Hop

1. Ride With Us feat. Trim 03:27
2. Unknown feat. Trusta 05:24
3. 4 What It's Worth... 03:36
4. M.Y.S.T 03:58
5. Crystal Tokyo 03:52
6. Don't Forget Me feat. Treble Clef 03:40
7. Untitled #3 04:00
8. Golden Eye 03:05
9. Worlds Apart feat. Mr. Mitch 04:07
10. Eclipse feat. Emma DD 02:52
11. Harca feat. Prince Rapid 04:15
12. Alpha Logic feat. Cliques 04:36

ALBUM OF THE MONTH' 9/10 - Mixmag

Ride with us takes the listener on a musical journey through the dark fringes of London city. The deep subs and sonic layers create a sinister representation of city life. Mixmag describes first release Harca as a creeper, a sound description of the escalating and intensifying sound that Last Japan builds within these tracks.

A gentle yet eerie melody in Worlds Apart is interrupted by successive, deep jabs of bass and for those who spent their childhood on the N64, the samples in Goldeneye will bring back some militant flashbacks. These works from innovator, Last Japan, demonstrate his clear direction over the last year, showcasing quality production and personal experimentation alongside collaborations from Mr Mitch, Prince Rapid and regular feature, Trim.

Ride with us should be listened to on a deep sub, standing in the dark corner of a London club, equally on headphones riding the last underground or driving through the city, be it London, New York or Tokyo, late at night...these tracks will make you have to look back over your shoulder. With a passion for collecting music, Last Japan is releasing a limited number of self-produced tapes including his own artwork and photography, bringing back the collectable item and highlighting his expression through all art forms.

Ride With Us has already gained the support from Mumdance, Julie Adenuga, Compa, Benji B, B. Traits, Blue Daisy and many more.
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